︎︎︎ The Faux Series

A collection of boxes whose surface and shape play an intricate deceitful game. Photos are wrapped around boxes using water transfer prints. The shape of the box counters or coincides with the photo. Shiny spots and textures appear to be prints, shadows and reflections are misaligned with shape, and on close inspection materials prove to be nothing more than thin layers of water transfer film.

The Faux Series is a research into the finish of objects and is inspired by current developments in photography, where traditional photographic print is becoming more and more object-like and three-dimensional.

The Faux Series is one of the outcomes of a Material Fellowship awarded to me by the New Institute in 2015. For this fellowship I did an extensive research into the material-ness of the surface. Other outcomes of the Material Fellowship include the Designing the Surface exhibition in The New Institute and a collection of five essays called On the Surface.

Printed polyamide
8 - 15 / 10 - 30 / 4 - 8 cm

Photography © Studio Chris Kabel 2017