︎︎︎ Painted Light

A collection of lamps where the painted motif directs itself to the light as an interpretation of Hindeloopen painting.

In traditional Hindeloopen folk art painting a subtle play with light and dark tones gives relief to the painted motif, as if carved in wood or stone. The light source is placed outside of the painting itself, usually shining its light from the top left corner on the painting. The technique traditionally involves a laborious process with multiple layers of slow drying oil paint to decorate vernacular wooden household objects and furniture pieces. Artist Gijs Frieling, who works in the broad tradition of vernacular painting, painted a set of shields with his interpretation of the traditional motifs.

The Flower Sconce has a rope that holds a candlestick in place and bends a thin painted plywood shield around the flame. The Insect Plate has a rope that bends a bigger shield and guides electricity to an LED lamp. The Satellite Dish is held by a rope that ends in a little ball, which shines its light back at the disk.

Plywood, rope, aluminium, LED, casein paint, natural pigemtns
45 / 45 / 15 cm (Flower Sconce
60 / 60 / 20 cm (Insect Plate
90 / 90 / 300 cm (Satellite Dish)

All objects have been acquired by the Fries Museum for its collection.

More information about the work of Gijs Frieling

Photography © Studio Chris Kabel 2018