︎︎︎ Office Party for Portikus

Office Party is a permanent light installation conceived for Portikus in Frankfurt.

Social events at the office can make you feel slightly schizophrenic. You're surrounded by piles of undone work ànd tipsy from the numerous drinks that are indispensable to feel relaxed at such occasions. After a few glasses the work you have been doing so carefully all day has lost all importance. The bleak neon light increases that ambiguous feeling.

Portikus is an art centre located in a peculiar building on a small island in the river Main in Frankfurt. Portikus has an amazing office space that doubles as a venue for openings and dinner parties but their business-like fluorescent office lighting did not really add to the festive atmosphere. They asked me to reconsider their existing neon fixtures and come up with a simple and cheap solution. The neon tubes were lowered, so that a brightly coloured transparent garland could slide along the tubes to transform the harsh neon light into a merry mix of colours.

Standard neon fixtures, aluminum, plastic sheet, sls printed elements, IKEA roller blind elements, rope
20 / 30 / 1200 cm

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Photography © Portikus 2014
Movie © Newfoundland Tack 2014