︎︎︎ Money Vase 

Adorned with euro coins these vases are an ornamental critique against design capitalism. The price of the vase has become decoration which adds value to the vase in turn.

Platinum Money Vase
Platinum lustre porcelain
Ø 21 / 32 cm, edition of 30 pieces

Black Money Vase
Unglazed black porcelain
Ø 21 / 32 cm

Bronze Money Vase
Ø 28 / 42 cm: edition of 8 pieces by Toolsgalerie, Paris

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Collection of the Fonds Nationale d'Art Contemporain, France and the EKWC collection, 's-Hertogenbosch

Ceramic Money Vases manufactured by Erik Jan Kwakkel

Photography © Studio Chris Kabel