For a new park at the Leiden University Medical Center Lola landscape architects asked me to design a special extra long version of the Brick Bench.

With the help of brick factory St Joris I designed a special glazing process that allows for a gradual change in glaze color during the production of the ceramic elements of the bench. This process allows the glaze of the elements of the bench to change in color from a bright green to a deep red, the same way the color of a leaf on a tree changes from a fresh green in spring to a dark red in autumn.

The park is named after 17th century scientist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, who, for the first time in history, described all the weird Animalcules he saw through his self-made microscopic lenses. In his honor we stamped the soft clay elements with shapes inspired on his drawings of microbial life.

Sintered Glazed Brick Elements, Concrete Foundation

9000 / 60 / 30 cm

Landscape design by Lola Landscape
Manufactured by Keramische Industrie St Joris

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Commissioned by the city of Leiden

Photography © Studio Chris Kabel