︎︎︎ Floating Lenses

In 2005 I was asked to propose a way to celebrate the opening the Cheonoggyecheon river in Seoul. An express way has covered it since the 1950's. In 2003 a plan was launched to uncover it again and transform it into a public river-park. Years of neglect had rendered the river clogged with debris and dried up. After demolition of the express way the river and its riverside were renovated. 12.000 liters of purified water are pumped into this river every day.

I proposed a group of large floating hollow concave disks that magnify everything below them. Due to the shape of the disk the water underneath becomes a lens that shows the (artificial) purity of the water and all the things that might live there.

Ø 100 / 30 cm

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Commissioned by the City of Seoul

Photography © Studio Chris Kabel