︎︎︎ Borealis

Curtains of light float in the dark northern skies. The window coverings of the conference room of the Fogo Island Inn echo these ghostly veils. These windows, facing north, are located in a hotel on Fogo Island, a tiny Canadian island close to the Polar Circle. For these fabrics a special glow in the dark yarn has been used. Also, a new technique to create very fluent transitions between delicate gradients in fabric has been developed. Digitally produced patterns are converted into fabric keeping this subtle color transition fluent during the translation from one medium to the other.

When the conference room lights are turned on, the glow in the dark yarn of the fabric loads up. When the lights are turned off for a presentation, the fabrics glow with a soft light. In the darkness the woven pattern seems to float in space, producing a realistic impression of the famed Northern Lights.

height 300 / width (divided) 2500 cm

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Photography © Studio Chris Kabel