Once the Rozenprieel neighborhood in Haarlem was a pleasure garden with hatcheries, parks and meadows. Due to the population growth in the 19th century, it became the most densely populated area of Haarlem, with little place for urban green.

To inspire the current inhabitants to guide plants along their façade, we developed the Binder Klinker (the Dutch word klinker means sintered brick). The special brick protrudes from the wall and has a hole that allows plants to be attached to the façade with a rope.

The design was made for building corporation Ymere for a housing project in the middle of the Rozenprieel. Amsterdam based M3H architects has designed the building as a refreshing take on the surrounding 19th century brick buildings. This concept is continued with the design for the bricks and the brick pattern. It gives new meaning and function to vernacular architectonic elements like the white ribbons and the windowsills. Next to that the brick is an open invitation to plant and guide Wisteria, Rose and Honeysuckle along the brick façade. 

Sintered Glazed Brick

Brick 13 / 10 / 5 cm

Façade 5100 / 900 cm

Building by M3H architecten  
Manufactured by Keramische Industrie St Joris

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Commissioned by housing cooperation Ymere

Photography © N / J Studio, © Studio Chris Kabel